Natalie Barr has given a little behind-the-scenes glimpse on what hides beneath her desk while reporting.

The Sunrise co-host shared a video to her Instagram and revealed a bunch of heaters under the desk used to keep her and her colleagues warm.

“Winter is coming. Heaters=check. Thermals in the freezing studio=check. Me whinging about how cold it is=check. Sorry @kochie_online and @markberetta @sunriseon7,” she captioned it.

The comment section contained mixed reactions from fans who pointed out that she could stay warm in other ways and others saying imagine how homeless people felt.

“Imagine how the homeless feel,” someone wrote.

“Maybe you can wear some warm ugg boots while you are sitting under the desk?” someone suggested.

“Put the Cash Cow suit on Nat!” another suggested.

“When you are not paying the electricity bills I would be doing the same,” one read.

It comes as the east coast of Australia shivers through freezing temperatures, showers, snow and icy winds.

The cold front and low pressure system is expected to continue well into the week as Winter also begins on June 1.

Images: Instagram

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