Remember ‘Vicki the Vet’ from A Country Practice? Penny Cook is a now starring in a fun stage show called Senior Moments with Lex Marinos (Kingswood Country), The Slap) and with the former Channel 9 Midday maestro Geoff Harvey on piano. It’s a deliciously funny and fresh collection of funny senior moments, scenes and songs. We caught up with Penny to find out what she has been up to since she left Wandin Valley.

Q. What has been your worst ‘senior moment’?
Not being able to open a jar.

Q. Your funniest ‘senior moment’?
Trying to open a jar.

Q. What makes you grumpy about 'younger people’?

Q. Are you singing in the show? Is this something new for you or do you love to sing?
Yes, I have sung a bit but I am certainly not an opera singer.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
I like walking, surfing and reading.

Q. How do you stay fit and healthy? Do you have a regular routine?
I am not absolutely sure that I am fit and healthy!

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Who was your favourite character from A Country Practice?

Q. What is your favourite way to treat or indulge yourself?
I love a good back massage.

Q. What is the best and worst thing about getting a little older?
There are lots of good and bad things, but I forget!

Q. Has it been fun working with the cast of Senior Moments?
We have a great group and lots of laughs.

Q. What have you been up to over the past few years?
I’m Sydney based with a tiny garden. I have been doing lots of voice over work, MC work and watching my daughter do year 12.

Q. Is Senior Moments likely to play in another state?
At the moment it’s just at Glen Street Theatre (in Sydney), but hopefully it gets another life interstate.

Q. What was it like being ‘Vicki the Vet’ in Wandin Valley on A Country Practice?
It was a great time. Many fond memories. I think I was in it it for about four to five years.

Q. You were part of a ‘will they/won’t they’ love story with Dr Simon Bowen – are you still in contact?
Yes, all the cast still see each other (well the ones that are alive anyway).

Q. What are the favourite projects you have worked on during your career since you graduated from NIDA in 1978 – spanning from A Country Practice to Neighbours and many stage shows?
Like children, you love them all in different ways.

Q. What is the most important lesson you have learnt in life?
Always have a laugh.

The stage play Ladies in Lavender was an adaptation of the film starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith

About Senior Moments
A comedy revue about ‘old’ people and the young people they have to deal with. Finally, some senior moments you’ll want to remember! It’s a comedy revue featuring sketches and songs and performers who are old enough to know better, including Lex Marinos (Kingswood Country; The Slap), Penny Cook (A Country Practice; Ladies in Lavender), John Derum (The Aunty Jack Show; A Sentimental Bloke) and Benita Collings (Play School; Sleeping Beauty), all making wicked fun of the trials and tribulations of growing old disgracefully.

With former Channel 9 Midday maestro Geoff Harvey on piano, it’s a deliciously funny and fresh collection of comic senior moments, scenes and songs, featuring sketches such as ‘Senior Mastermind’ and ‘Old School’ (like Romper Room meets Play School for the neglected over-65 age group), and musical highlights like I Am the Very Model of a Modern Age Retiree. It’s guaranteed to stop you from thinking constantly about your lumbago for at least 90 minutes.

The stage show Senior Moments is on for one week only at the Glen Street Theatre in Sydney from Thursday 26th May to Sunday 29th May 2016 so get a group of friends together and make a night of it. Tickets are $59 for adults and $49 concession. Call the box office on 02 9975 1455 or visit Glen Street Theatre's website.

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We were so sad to hear of the passing of Penny Cook from cancer on 26th December 2018 at the age of 61. This interview with her from 2016 is kept online as a small tribute to her wonderful contribution to the Australian television industry and more.