Chris Sebastian has taken the win this year for The Voice Australia season nine, and took home an eye watering $100,000 cash prize along with a recording contract with EMI music.

Due to strict coronavirus restrictions, The Voice finale was pre-recorded and filmed without the usual studio audience.

Another thing fans at home didn’t see was the International coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George in their usual seats as they were unable to return to Sydney for the finale due to travel bans.

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Team Guy’s Johnny Manuel, Team George’s Siala Robson, Team Delta’s Stellar Perry and Team Kelly’s Chris had faced off in the finale in a last ditch bid for victory.

Voting was open to the public right up until after each of the artist’s final performances:

However due to the show being pre-recorded, four different versions of the winning scenes were filmed.

Chris Sebastian admitted to that it was “awkward” for the final four to pretend to win before the result was known.

“You’ve got to understand, by that point of the day we were so tired,” Chris said.

“We hadn’t had a day off four two weeks and we were physically drained.

“I think some people acted better than others. I definitely tried to exaggerate as much as I could because I wanted it to be like how it would be like if I actually did win.”

Chris' win was the ending of a dramatic season that included accusations of Guy Sebastian “cheating”, buttons accidentally being pushed and an intense feud between Kelly and Guy.

This article originally appeared on Over60.