Your guide to using eBooks

You may have heard of eBooks - electronic books that you read on a screen. In this how-to-guide, we’ll explain why they’ve become so popular, different ways of reading them and how to buy your first eBook.

Why ebooks?
Some might say that eBooks can’t replace the feel of the real thing, but they sure have some great advantages. One eBook device can hold thousands of books so they’re fantastic if you’re on the move or don’t have a large amount of space at home. Ebooks can be read in low-light or even darkness - so you don’t disturb your partner. They remember which page you’re up to, and allow you to increase the font-size for easier reading. Last-ly, you can go from ‘browsing’ to ‘reading’ in minutes - you never have to drive to the book shop or wait for overseas shipping.

How do I read ebooks?
There are two types of devices used to read eBooks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated eBook readers (such as Kindle and Kobo) can only display eBooks - but they do it well. They have a special ‘electronic paper’ screen which is more gentle on your eyes than a tablet or computer screen. They’re easier to read in bright sunlight, and the battery lasts weeks. Another option is a tablet such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab. These devices aren’t limited to reading eBooks - you can watch movies, browse the internet and so on. But their screens are less comfortable for long-term reading and the battery life is measured in hours, not weeks. To read eBooks on a tablet, you need to use an ‘app’ such as iBooks, Kindle or Kobo.

How do I buy ebooks?
If you’re using an eReader such as a Kindle or Kobo, visit the ‘store’ page on that device. Search for the book you’re interested in, click ‘buy’ and it will download. The same instructions apply to most Android tablet eReader apps. Unfortunately, many iPad eReader apps don’t allow in-app purchases - you’ll need to visit the relevant ebook website and purchase ebooks there - then they’ll appear in your app.

eBooks open up a whole new world of amazing reads, whereever you are, so why not get started today!