Congrats on wanting to lead a healthier life. The world is your oyster so why not enjoy it for as long as you possibly can!

With so many popular opinions on what a healthy diet is, it can be hard to separate fact from fad. 

Let’s get down to basics and look at the top 10 tips that will grant you a better quality of life.

  1. Hydrate
    Did you know the human body is 80% water? – so it’s no surprise we need to replenish this magical liquid throughout the day. Drink 2-3 Litres a day and even more if it’s hot outside. If you find it difficult to remember to drink then have a big glass immediately when you awake in the morning and carry around a bottle of filtered water with you wherever you go throughout the day.  

  2. Eat good fats
    Eating fat won’t make you fat but choose the healthy fats such as egg yolk, avocado, nuts, seeds, cold pressed olive oil, nut butter and coconut oil which is great for cooking too. A good rule of thumb is to never overheat cooking oils and always go for the local pasture-raised chicken eggs. Also, some moderation is required for eating nuts due to their caloric density so settle for a handful of unsalted, unroasted nuts a day if you can. Have you considered eating like a caveman?

  3. Stay away from soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices
    The PH value in coke is 3 – not far from the PH value of battery acid which is 0. Therefore, it's no wonder that soft drinks create an acidic environment in your body making it easier for inflammations to set in. Chronic inflammation is the leading cause of many lifestyle diseases of the 21st century. So, think again before reaching for that refreshing beverage.

  4. Fruit 
    It's nature’s medicine, full of antioxidants and cleansing for the body. The key to weight management is to go for fruits with a low glycaemic index such as berries, apples, pears and grapefruit. A few serves a day will suffice. Choose organic with fruits that have a large edible surface area then you can be less strict with plants that have inedible skin like bananas and melons. 

  5. Exercise
    Exercise can transform your life providing a brighter outlook for the future to come. Adults who include at least 150 minutes of physical activity in their routines each week live longer than those who don't. 
    Whether it’s in the gym or a walk along the beach, it all ads sand to the hourglass. Here are some ideas on how to make fitness fun

  6. Sleep
    You may not want to sleep your life away but plenty of quality sleep can in fact prolong your life and will add to the quality of your waking hours as well. A good night’s sleep has a tremendous impact on your overall health and wellbeing. If you are having sleeping difficulties, talk to your GP or pharmacist. There will be a solution for you.

  7. Vegetables 
    Forget about your meat, potato and peas. Instead, think fresh! Eat a large variety of veggies, either raw or keep the cooking process to a minimum to preserve the life giving nutrients. Consuming vegetables helps promote alkalinity in your body, boosting immune function and reducing inflammation in the body.

  8. Fun 
    Being social, caring for other humans and having a good old laugh is potion for the soul. Have you considered volunteering?

  9. Supplements  
    Are you missing out on crucial nutrients? Due to preferences or intolerences you may be missing out on key vitamins and minerals. Multivitamin, Fish oil, spirulina, pro biotics or protein supplements. Consult your GP or local pharmacist. 

  10. Sensible indulgences  
    We all strive for balance in our lives and the 80/20 rule may help you. Make superior food choices 80% of the time and enjoy sensible indulgences for the remaining 20. Good quality red wine and dark chocolate with min 75% cacao offer numerous health benefits, making them superior choices. Best news you’ve heard all day right!

    Now, go on and use these tips in your daily life and reap the benefits of a more vibrant and vital body.

    Share your health tips in the comments below.