Keeping hair colour fresh

If you like to dye your hair, protecting your coloured strands involves two things: hair care and maintenance. Typically, this involves touch-up visits with your hairdresser. However, it’s not always possible to get there.

So, what can you do to extend the lifespan of your hair colour at home? We spoke with a celebrity stylist and hair colourist on how you keep your hair looking fresh and bright in between salon appointments. Here’s how to extend your hair colour at home like a pro.

Don’t stray too far from your natural hue

The closer you are to your true shade, the less colour maintenance your hair will require. If you naturally have jet black strands and you bleach them Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, regrowth is going to be swift and glaring, meaning you’ll probably need your salon on speed dial. Unless you’re committed to upkeep, stick to a colour within two shades of your natural base.

Change your part

Switching up your part can make roots look less obvious. Celebrity colourist, Rita Hazan, recommends flipping hair so it falls in a different direction, or creating a zig-zag part, which helps break up the root area, making re-growth less apparent.

Get glossy

An at-home gloss can be used to tone colour and add lustre, according to colourist, James Corbett. “While a gloss won’t change your roots, it will make your hair shiny and pretty,” adds Hazan.

Try a temporary root concealer

If you’re battling grey hairs, consider products such as root touch-up sprays or powders. These temporary touch-ups come in a variety of shades.

Use an at-home root colour

Whether your goal is to cover greys or mask dark re-growth, giving your roots a little TLC (tender love and colour) can make a big impact. “Apply a product like Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up to your roots, focusing on the hairline and part, and let the colour develop for 10 minutes,” says Corbett. “This will keep your regrowth and greys covered for up to three weeks.”

Rock a braid

It’s OK to get twisted. “Braids and knotted styles are a quick and a stylish way to hide hair that may be due for a touch-up,” says Corbett. And Hazan notes that braids create dimension in hair – similar to the zigzag part – which helps to break up the harsh line of visible roots.

Don’t straighten your hair

When you straighten your hair, the roots become more obvious. “When hair is wavy or curly, the roots appear shorter and not as noticeable,” explains Hazan.

Opt for a blowout or beachy waves

Did you know a great bouncy blowout or loose waves can help make roots appear less visible? Styles with more movement separate harsh lines, so you’ll see more of the style and less of the roots.

Keep strands clean

When your hair is dirty, it tends to look darker (dirt and oil flatten tresses and give it that greasy look). Dry shampoo is a wonder for soaking up oil while adding texture and lifting strands.