As Home and Away star Sam Frost broke down on Instagram detailing why she is not getting vaccinated, Abbie Chatfield let loose.

On Saturday, Sam Frost took to Instagram and became emotional in her live video, saying, “There are a lot of different reasons people aren’t getting vaccinated – and it might be because of their medical history, their concerns they might have, they might have family history, it might be religious reasons, whatever.”

“I want to tell those people that feel like they’re getting separated from society – well, I’m not vaccinated, and there’s a reason why I’m not, I’ve spoken to my doctor and my psychologist about it, and I’m going to keep it private,” she said.

Sam then begged people to have “compassion, kindness and empathy” for the unvaccinated, before deleting her Instagram later that day.

Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield, who has been outspoken about the selfishness of the anti-vax community, write on her own Instagram on Sunday, “I mean, it kinda speaks for itself. So brave to ‘come out’ as putting yourself as an individual above your community because you listen to misinformation.”

“Another reality star bites the dust #love #light #empathy.”

Abbie’s “peace” only lasted so long, as she took to her Instagram stories to call out those calling her a “bully” for her comments.

“Like I didn’t say anything. I said, ‘babe I chose peace today’ pretty much speaks for itself. ‘Another reality star bites the dust’ because she deleted her Instagram. “

“How was that bullying? I … didn’t add any commentary. Like these people want to be victims so badly and saying she was bullied to the point of leaving Instagram because of Abbie Chatfield.”

“These people are just dying to have a reason to hate people who just want misinformation to stop spreading,” she said. “They want to have people on the other side be bad people and bullies and not care at mental health like them.”

With her “peace” longer an option, Abbie decided to be honest about her opinions of Sam’s video.

“A huge issue with her video was she said she felt segregated and like less of a human, so she’s trying to use the struggles and the oppression of people of colour in the past and currently, to use that idea of equality for her being unvaccinated.”

Abbie also pointed out that Sam stated she had a medical exemption for not getting the jab, which didn’t make sense given her tirade.

“The people who do have legitimate medical exemptions, are the ones who I see posting begging for everyone to get the vaccine because they’re the people who are at most risk for covid.”

“They’re not doing videos crying on the floor talking about being a second-class citizen … it seems you want to victimise yourself.”

Another former Bachelor star Matt Agnew also shared his thoughts on Sam’s monologue, saying her post was “affecting others”.

In the hours after Sam’s emotional rant, Channel 7 responded to the video as Sam continues to work on Home and Away.

“Seven strongly encourages vaccination for all our people and all Seven productions strictly adhere to the public health COVID-19 safe protocols,” a spokesman told

“All Home and Away cast and crew also undertake Covid-19 testing three times a week in addition to other preventive measures. Sam Frost continues to work on Home And Away and follows the safety protocols in place.”

Image credits: Instagram @abbiechatfield @fro01

This article first appeared on Over60.