Images have been blurred to protect the identity of the students.

Online footage of a young autistic boy being attacked by a schoolgirl has gone viral, with many parents and members of the community calling for harsher bullying penalties.

The boy was repeatedly hit and kicked in the face on Tuesday, with the footage showing he tried to protect himself by cowering on the ground.

A separate video of the incident shows that the boy tried to protect himself with a tennis racket, which was then used as a weapon by the girl who hit him three times in the side of the face with it.

Furious parents have said that the girl was expelled from school and might be charged with assault.

Parents have also called on the Department of Education to step in and address this particular school’s bullying problem after their children continue to be assaulted by peers at school.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education said to The Daily Mail that the incident had been dealt with in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct.

“(The) school is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment,” they said.

“Any situation that threatens the safety and wellbeing of students or staff is treated extremely seriously, and dealt with as a matter of priority. “Violence in any form is not tolerated in Queensland state schools.

“Students and caregivers with concerns are strongly encouraged to report cases of bullying or misconduct to their school principal or their closest Department of Education regional office.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.