A witness has come forward to share his recollection of the “horrific” Brisbane crash that claimed the life of a pregnant woman and her partner.

A young man has been charged with the murder of the couple and their unborn baby after he allegedly drove a stolen car before crashing into an oncoming truck in Brisbane’s bayside suburb of Alexandra Hills on Tuesday afternoon.

The stolen car struck two people who were out walking with their dog.

“I was standing at the intersection, I saw a white 4WD speed down and two pedestrians were walking their dog and he’s just slammed straight into them,” Mark Lovorce, who was jogging at the time of the crash, told Sunrise.

“A male body has flown over there,” he said while pointing to one side of the road.

“And a female has flown over the other side.”

“I looked at the people on the road and they were dead.”

“I was in shock.. I didn’t know what to do.”

The 17-year-old driver allegedly fled the scene, but was arrested not long after.

He has been charged with two counts of murder, as well as several other driving offences.

Police have confirmed a 31-year-old woman, who was six months pregnant, and a 37-year-old man, has died.

Ten paramedic crews rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate either of the pair.

The dog they were walking has reportedly not been found since the crash.

Lovorce said he was “angry” when he found out the teenage driver was reportedly out on bail for more than 50 offences.

“They’re local residents, it was a pregnant woman and her partner.”

“It was horrific and this shouldn’t have happened,” he said.

About 20 minutes before the fatal crash, the same allegedly stolen car appeared to be in another accident.

The same vehicle was allegedly in another crash.

Footage given by a passenger in a car behind the Landcruiser and shared online shows a male in the driver’s seat of the car gesture at another driver as they’re stopped at a set of lights.

The 4WD is shown deliberately swerving into the side of a hatchback before quickly speeding off.

“Look, I just saw a hit and run with a guy, we’ve got it all on the video,” the woman said behind the camera.

She then would go on to pull her vehicle over to ask the driver of the Hyundai if he is OK.

“Are you guys hurt?” she asked.

The driver can be heard responding: “No, but we’ve got our disabled son in the back of the car.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.