Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 26, is accused of strangling his mother, chopping up her body and putting it into lunchboxes, which he allegedly stored in the fridge and ate over the course of two weeks.

Gomez had frequently been violent towards his 66-year-old mother Maria, who had taken out a restraining order on him but would frequently accept him into her home whenever he called.

Gomez allegedly murdered his mother in Madrid on February 21st, 2019 after family friends alerted police about not seeing Maria in several days.

Police officers were greeted by Gomez, who admitted he strangled his mother, but police were not prepared for what was inside.

Inside the house, officers reported Maria’s limbs were wrapped in plastic and left in various rooms in the house.

The stench was so bad that many officers were violently sick as well as being in shock at the violent scene.

Other parts of Maria’s body were in the fridge as well as the oven. Gomez later admitted that he spent 15 days eating his mother’s remains and fed the parts he didn’t want to his dog.

Maria had tried in vain to get her son the help he needed as he was admitted to psychiatric care three times. Gomez would routinely physically attack his mother, and she was terrified of him.

Despite her friend’s concerns, Maria would let her son back into her life after being served the restraining order, saying “What am I going to do? After all, he is still my son.”

The court currently believes that Gomez is suffering from a mental illness and was at the time consuming hard drugs.

Gomez is currently on suicide watch in prison due to his fragile mental state and the police officers who were at the scene of the crime will be testifying on Tuesday in Madrid’s provincial court.

Photo credits: Newsflash

This article originally appeared on Over60.