Enlarged prostates cause excruciating symptoms affecting 90% of men over Eighty and millions as young as Fifty. Today over 4,000 men in Melbourne alone are on a waiting list for prostate surgery. Surgical and medical treatments frequently cause impotence, ejaculatory issues and destroy libido. Fortunately natural treatments are paving the way for a paradigm shift in prostate health and are helping us discover natural ways to prevent prostate problems, balance hormones and ensure a long-lasting libido.

In this article we will look at how the prostate changes in men as they age, current treatments and remedies and how to get you started with some helpful and informative resources on ways to maintain optimal prostate health throughout your life.

Prostate physiology

The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut that sits underneath the male bladder and controls the flow of urine out of the body. When the prostate gets enlarged it restricts the flow of urine and makes going to the toilet urgent, frequent and uncomfortable.

Left untreated symptoms usually get worse and it becomes difficult to stop or start urination. Men can experience itchiness, tenderness or pain in the testicles, groin or penis and just sitting can become very uncomfortable. It increasingly becomes harder to control urination at all and as a result sleep is massively disrupted by hourly visits to the bathroom every single night.

Prostate prognosis

The prostate starts to get bigger between the ages of 40 and 60 due to natural hormonal changes. With age it is spurred on by a potent form of testosterone and the growth continues. Many men get diagnosed with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and some men go on to develop other prostate problems including prostate cancer.

Both medical and herbal treatments slow prostate growth by reducing production of the potent form of testosterone which is also linked to male pattern baldness. When problems persist the last resort is a surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland entirely.

Sadly the progression from mild symptoms to severe problems is often ignored. Men all over the world are agreeing to risky surgery and drugs with a long list of unwanted side effects before considering more natural yet highly effective treatments and solutions.

Early intervention can prevent the downward spiral of symptoms which devastates quality of life and damages intimate relationships. Lifestyle modifications and nutritional prescriptions are the way forward in personalised medicine: treating the root cause of disease not just masking symptoms. Natural herbs and minerals nourish the prostate directly to ensure its longevity and prevent problems from occurring.

The ancient Tsimaine tribe

Scientists from the University of California studied the prostate and lifestyle of an isolated tribe in South America called the Tsimaine. Men in the tribe had prostates which were 62% smaller than Western averages and there was virtually no incidence of symptomatic enlargement. The researchers concluded that differences in diet, stress levels and toxin exposure were the likely causes for the immense difference in prostate size.

The positive impact of rural lifestyles has also been noticed in Australian men who live in remote areas: they have a 40% lower risk of prostate cancer than the average Australian. But you don’t need to find an isolated jungle or relocate to the outback to help the prostate. The human body is remarkably adaptable and can remove toxicity, repair damage and restore function with the correct nutritional building blocks.

Herbs that heal

The complex biochemistry of the body needs support. When we lack specific minerals, proteins or fats the immune system can’t function optimally and fix damaged proteins, cells, or DNA. Toxins from the environment combined with stressful lifestyles create a lot of work for the overloaded immune system. Unfortunately our diets often lack the high quality micro-nutrients needed to stay healthy and vital as we age.

Science is rapidly discovering plant compounds that can transform our health. Thousands of clinical trials are verifying that plant compounds have therapeutic potential and significant power. Some herbs are as effective as medications, more affordable, and have no side-effects. It’s also been revealed that supplementation with bioactive plant compounds and minerals directly supports the immune and hormonal systems to thrive.

Prosamin for men

Prosamin for men is a natural supplement manufactured by Quantum Health. Along with Prosamin Quantum Health promotes the use of lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplementation before embarking on pharmaceutical and surgical interventions due to the long-term risks they carry. The High Strength Formulation of ingredients Prosamin contains includes six clinically proven herbs and minerals needed to ensure prostate health and reduce enlargement completely naturally and safely.

Prosamin is manufactured and licenced in Sydney Australia and has been helping men (and their wives) maintain healthy and energetic lifestyles for decades.

“For 15 years my husband has been getting out of bed two and three times through the night to go to the toilet, only to return grumpy and frustrated. Not only was he suffering… but so was I. Within a few months of taking Prosamin, he began sleeping through most nights without the need to visit the toilet and is now enjoying renewed energy levels and a returned libido” B.D, Queensland

“I began getting an urgent need to race to the toilet and at night I was getting the call two or three times. I had read about Prosamin and so I decided to give it a go. By the time I had finished the first bottle of Prosamin, I noticed an improvement. After going through the second bottle, my problem was no longer a problem. Now, I am sleeping right through the night”. K.Mahony, NSW

Quantum Health

Leading the way in Australian natural healthcare Quantum Health have been transforming prostate health for nearly three decades. Combining scientific research with empowering information Quantum Health has renowned experience and expertise in formulating, manufacturing, distributing and importing products exclusively in Australia. Producing scientifically proven supplements, educational resources and medicinal teas with a world-wide reputation for excellence.

Quantum Health specialises in providing natural and botanical products that:

  • Enhance cellular rejuvenation at a molecular level.
  • Accelerate detoxification and elimination processes.
  • Optimise hormones and the endocrine system.
  • Enrich the body with functional nutrition.

To support men and their families to discover how to prevent or eliminate prostate symptoms, Quantum Health have developed some free, and easy to use tools. Take action now to assess prostate health, understand symptoms and heal it naturally with Prosamin’s unique high-strength herbal and mineral formulation.

Where to start?

Assess your symptoms and get instant results now with a quick five-minute Prostate Assessment Questionnaire, download the informative Prostate Health Quick Start Guide or try your first one month’s supply of Prosamin today.

1. Prostate questionnaire

  • The first step to wellness is recognising current symptoms.
  • The Prostate Questionnaire is designed for men, or their partners, to complete.
  • This brief medical and psychological assessment of prostate symptoms creates awareness and takes just a few minutes to complete. 

2. Prostate quick start guide 

  • There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding the prostate. Much of the published science is simply out of date and often confusing.
  • The Prostate Quick Start Guide will fill you in on essential prostate care, a list of symptoms and warning signs of an unhealthy prostate.
  • It will goover the Symptom Progression Stages as well as Treatments and what to expect once a natural remedy has been introduced.
  • It is easy to understand and gently informative, written in a comfortable user manual style with men in mind.

3. Take Effective Action – Try Prosamin Today (Free Call 1800 25 15 66)

  • Try a one months supply of Prosamin, see and feel the results for yourself.
  • Get in control of your prostate health to raise your energy levels and sexual performance.
  • Sexual decline and urinary issues are not an inevitable part of aging and for less than $2 a day, Quantum Health’s Prosamin for Men High Strength Formula nourishes, supports and protects the prostate.

Prosamin™ is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Licence No. 281008.

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