After Denise Drysdale was rushed to hospital with a rare nerve disorder in late September, her son Peter Milne has shared an update on her condition.

Speaking with Denise’s Studio 10 co-hosts, he revealed that his mother has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a neurological chronic health condition that causes pain and tenderness all over the body, according to Arthritis Australia.

“Mum has likened it to a shocking sort of pain right at the back of her eyes, sending electric shocks,” Peter explained.

“It comes in waves, and [had] little triggers like being on the phone, texting, laughing, anything where she needed to use her brain is just sending these terrible debilitating pains.”

He explained how debilitating her condition is, saying, “We have been in the car and had to stop the car completely to a standstill and just wait for these waves to come through.”

Peter went on to say that Denise’s pain had “dissipated” after she began undergoing “high intensity acupuncture” several times a week.

He also said that due to the pain, she has been struggling to eat.

“She managed to have a nice little plate of spaghetti the other day and she would not have eaten for over a week. She was trying to spoon little bits of yoghurt and couldn’t swallow.”

Despite her ongoing pain, her son told her co-hosts that she has taken the illness in her stride as best she can.

“She has been amazing. She has still got her sense of humour. She did say that she thought she had come face-to-face with death but just realised it was her reflection in the mirror,” he said.

Image credits: Getty Images / Studio 10

This article first appeared on Over60.