Doctors have made a disturbing yet remarkable discovery inside of a man’s bladder.

X-ray scans showed the 30-year-old man, who was treated in Guwahati Hospital, India had a 61 cm-long charger cable that became entangled in his bladder.

The medical professionals believe it may have been swallowed or inserted for “sexual gratification”.

The adult male, who is said to have a “history of accidental ingestion of headphones”, visited the doctors after complaints of incessant abdominal pain.

He was given a two-day course of laxatives in a bid to alleviate the stomach pain before doctors decided to made a small incision into his gastrointestinal tract.

It was then that doctors had the disturbing realisation that there was the charger cord in the man’s bladder.

Doctor -bladder

Image: Yahoo

Five medics performed a 45 minute surgery to remove it.

Surgeon Wallie Islam, who says he had not seen anything of the sort in his 25-year career, went on to say that surgeons didn’t want to jump straight into surgery and that’s why he was given laxatives.

“The patient's stool was examined, but nothing came out,” Dr Islam said.

“We decided to do a small incision and check the gastrointestinal tract.”

The doctor added the male “might have been uncomfortable telling the truth”, leading to the team searching his gastrointestinal tract.

“Though I'm not exactly sure about his mental health, some people do things for sexual gratification, but this man took things a little too far,” he said.

The man spent three days recovering in hospital before he was released.

This article originally appeared on Over60.