Make fitness fun

We all know how important it is to keep up regular physical activity as we get older, but not everyone can get motivated about doing the same old routine every day. A great way to spice things up (and to get some great social interaction to boot) is to join one of the wide variety of fitness classes that are available through local gyms, council recreation facilities or community centres. Let’s take a look at some that are particularly good for those of us in our latter years.

Zumba Gold
Just the mention of the word Zumba may conjure up images of a high energy dance style workout that is only for the super-fit. Zumba Gold, however, is a little different. It still uses Latin rhythms and movement as a basis, but the speed and impact have been toned down to suit those of us who may not be as nimble as we once were. Zumba Gold is a great all-round workout for cardio fitness, range of movement.

Body Pump
Body Pump is also quite energetic and because it involves the use of weights along with lively movement it is particularly good for bone density maintenance, all round strength and reducing body fat. It is easily adapted to any level of age or fitness simply by varying the amount of weight used.

Step aerobics
Another way to obtain an effective weight bearing exercise that builds the all-important bone strength is to use your own weight. Step aerobics is a great way to do this, with dynamic routines based around the simple use of a step. It’s just a matter of varying the step height to dial down the intensity and to adjust for any joint issues or old sports injuries.

Yoga and Pilates
If you want something more graceful that still provides fitness benefits, yoga or Pilates are effective and safe options. Yoga is particularly good for developing flexibility and balance, which are critical factors as we get older. There are various forms of yoga with different levels of intensity, so make sure you make enquiries at your class regarding how suitable it is. Pilates is focused on core abdominal strength and is also great for maintaining flexibility and strength.

As is the case with any exercise, make sure you consult your doctor about what is suitable for you and what your limits are before you start any class activity.

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