Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family is continuing his legacy by announcing a new fundraising event on what would have been his 101st birthday.

The WWII veteran made global headlines when he spent his quarantine days walking 100 laps around his back garden ahead of his 100th birthday.

He ended up raising £33 million (AUD $60 million) for the National Health Service (NHS) – breaking the Just Giving record for the largest sum of money raised through a single campaign.

To mark his birthday on April 30, the family have launched The Captain Tom 100.

“We want people to go crazy and create their own 100 – a challenge around the number 100,” his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore told BBC.

“Because he was 100 and he was so proud to be 100.”

Ms Ingram-Moore went on to say: “I really hope people see this [100 challenge] for what it is, which is an absolute chance to bring joy, put money back into charities and support the Captain Tom Foundation, which after all is the legacy of hope that he’s left us.”

The family is encouraging people to get out and raise money by doing 100 of something, whether it is baking 100 cupcakes or climbing 100 steps.

“It is probably my deepest regret that he is not here but I can do nothing about that. What we can do is deliver something sensational on his birthday,” Ms Ingram-Moore told The Sun.

“My father was so proud to have made it to 100 and so much happened in that year that he was one hundred. It’s a great number, so we felt compelled to keep it.

“One hundred is synonymous with him around the world so it had to be 100.”

Captain Tom Moore died on February 2 due to COVID-19 complications – the very cause he raised money for.