Police investigating the shooting of a Newcastle grandmother in her home have say they have “a number of lines of inquiry” to pursue.

Stacey Klimovitch, her 31-year-old daughter, and her eight-week-old granddaughter were inside the home when Ms Klimovitch was shot.

It’s understood the 61-year-old briefly argued with the shooter before they fired the weapon through the screen door.

Detective Superintendent Wayne Humphrey described the incident as “horrendous”.

“An innocent person has answered the front door of a home and she’s been shot in the chest and killed in the presence of a relative and a child,” he said. “It doesn’t get any worse.”

Mr Humphrey said he believed the attack was targeted but that the alleged shooter’s motives were still unknown.

NSW Police said they were called to the Stockton home just after 8pm on Wednesday, June 9.

On Thursday, specialist forensic police continued to probe the scene after a crime scene was established.

It’s understood the attacker fled the scene on foot and is still at large.

Ms Klimovitch’s best friend and neighbour said she spoke to the “brand new” grandmother moments before she was attacked.

“I’ve never heard a gunshot but there was no mistake what it was,” the neighbour told 9News. “That’s when I heard the noise and the screaming. I tried to call her and couldn’t get her on the phone.

The neighbour said Ms Klimovitch was “so happy to be a brand new grandmother.”

“I’m going to miss her. Things like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen,” she said.

Community members have posted in Facebook groups questioning whether more police patrolling the streets could have prevented the attack.

“Stockton, the place that once had a beautiful beach, now has no beach but plenty of car break-ins, drugs, assaults, and now murders,” Ben Davidson wrote.

“An unattended police station is not working … Things need to change.”

Police have launched Strike Force Backhouse to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack.

NSW Police have also urged anyone with CCTV or dashcam footage from the nearby area to contact Newcastle police or Crime Stoppers.


This article originally appeared on Over60.