A Victorian magistrate has made his feelings about anti-masker Mandy Crerar who claimed that law's don't apply to her, explaining that the coronavirus doesn't care if she is a “sovereign citizen”.

Mandy Crerar allegedly coughed and yelled at staff in a cafe after they refused to serve her for not wearing a mask on August 11th.

The 58-year-old is also accused of resisting police officers who were called to the cafe. She has been charged with affray and failure to comply with the chief health officer's directions. 

“We’re in the grips of a pandemic which is killing people every day. It’s real,” Frankston magistrate Tim Gattuso told the woman.

“It doesn’t distinguish between those who claim to be sovereign citizens and those who don’t.”

Prosecutors were worried about Crerar who wore a face shield and a blue gown as they believed she was only doing so to do bail.

“She has refused to wear a mask up until today,” prosecutor Glenn Horman said.

He said she was only wearing her shield to “endeavour” to get out of custody and also told the court the anti-masker refused to undergo a coronavirus test.

The hearing was postponed after Crerar asked to speak to her lawyer Christopher Terry.

“Yes I wish to object,” she told the court. It related to her concerns about proposed bail conditions.

The court was told during the hearing that the owner of the cafe offered Crerar a mask, but she refused to wear it.

The anti-masker started to “scream at the top of her voice that she was a sovereign citizen” and started to cough on the victim who was afraid for her safety, a police summary reads.

But when police arrived, Ms Crerar refused to give them her name and address and when asked why she wasn’t wearing a mask started to scream “rape, rape” at the officers.

Police allege she was “hysterical and irrational”.

Prison officers confirmed that she has refused to wear a mask, but her lawyer denied this claim at an earlier hearing, saying Crerar would comply with directions if released on bail.

She has since been released on bail under strict conditions, including wearing a mask or shield when leaving her home, sticking to a curfew, paying a $5,000 security deposit and undergoing an inpatient assessment.

She will not be released until early on Friday.

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