It's time to get real about food.

That's the message of new documentary 'Fed Up.'

Fed Up is hailed as the film the food industry does not want you to see. Made by talk-show host Katie Couric, Oscar winning producer Laurie David and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change your thoughts on nutrition and health and ultimately make you change your eating habits forever.

While the documentary predominantly focuses on the alarming trend of childhood obesity and health issues in America, it also holds a crucial message to those of us in other countries. Fed Up uncovers the truth about sugar and the current state of the food industry, which will see future generations suffer from our inactions.

The Fed Up Challenge is a campaign to break free from the sugar and fast-food industry's powerful grip, with a strong focus on kids and schools.

At the start of the year, an American doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman issued some alarming facts about sugar, calling it the new tobacco. But unlike cigarettes, the warnings about excessive sugar intake are often ignored. In fact, Dr. Hyman states individuals are becoming more dependant on sugary drinks and foods - going as far as to say the substance is even more addictive than cocaine.

Watch the trailer for Fed Up here: