Fibre-rich breakfast ideas Courtesy of Sanitarium.

These breakfast ideas contain fibre which keeps you feeling full for longer and is great for digestion too. It can be hard finding ways to incorporate fibre into your diet in sufficient quantities but adding it to your breakfast means you’re off to a great start!

If you’re looking for an easy and wholesome way of starting your day, a breakfast smoothie is a quick and tasty fix. Likewise, the bircher muesli is prepared the night before and just needs a few blueberries or your choice of fruit added before serving. The corn fritters would make a delightful addition to a weekend brunch. 

Breakfast Smoothie
Serves 4 

  • 2 cups FibreStart 
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries 
  • 1 ripe banana, peeled 
  • 1 Weet-Bix, broken 
  • 1 tbsp honey 
  • ½ cup crushed ice 

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. 
Divide between glasses, serve and enjoy!

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Berrylicious Bircher Muesli
Serves 4 

  • 1½ cups rolled oats 
  • ½ cup dry roasted almonds, roughly chopped 
  • ¼ cup sultanas 
  • 1½ cups FibreStart, plus extra to serve 
  • 1 cup Greek style yoghurt 
  • 125g blueberries 

Place the oats, almonds and sultanas in a large bowl. 
Add FibreStart and yoghurt and stir to combine. 
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 
When ready to serve, add the blueberries. 
Serve in bowls, adding extra FibreStart to achieve your preferred consistency.

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Polenta Corn Fritters with Tomato Salsa 
Serves 4 


  • 1 cup polenta 
  • 2/3 cup self-raising flour 
  • ½ tsp baking powder 
  • 1 cup FibreStart 
  • 1 egg 
  • 400g can corn kernels, rinsed, and drained 
  • 1 green onion (shallot), chopped 
  • 1 tbsp olive oil 


  • 250g cherry tomatoes, quartered 
  • ¼ cup coriander leaves 
  • 1 green onion (shallot), chopped 
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

Combine the polenta, flour and baking powder in a 
bowl. Whisk together FibreStart and egg. 
Add to dry ingredients, whisking constantly, until smooth. Add corn and onion, season well and stir to combine. 
Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan on medium heat. Cook ¼ cup of batter, in batches, for 2-3 mins each side, until set and golden. 
Meanwhile, combine salsa ingredients. 
Serve fritters stacked and topped with salsa. You can also add a dollop of light sour cream if desired.

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Use the comments section below to share your own healthy breakfast ideas.