Health is a huge worry for older Australians who travel domestically, with 58 per cent of older travellers worried about how they will manage their medication, injury or chronic and new illnesses according to research from Healthdirect Australia.

When inquired about what type of injury might cause concern, too much sun (26 per cent) and food (19 per cent) topped the list. 

“We all want our holidays to be as stress-free as possible but with over half of us worried how we will manage our health on holiday, there’s peace of mind in knowing where to turn for quick and reliable health information,” says Karen Borg, CEO of Healthdirect Australia.

Healthdirect is a free telehealth service offered via an app, website and helpline on behalf of the government of Australia.

Other Australians are worried about forgetting their medication or prescription when packing for a domestic trip, which is a cause for concern.

“Travelling without your medication or prescription can range from just an inconvenience to posing a real health concern during your holiday,” says Ms Borg.

“If you’re on the road or have just arrived in an unfamiliar place, you don’t want to waste time trying to find the nearest pharmacy or GP to get new medication or a script.

“The healthdirect app has information for almost every pharmacy and general practice in Australia, so you can quickly find one that’s open nearby. When time is of the essence, having the right information at your fingertips can make a real difference,” she says.

It’s important to be prepared going forward when you’re travelling domestically.

“Even if you haven’t considered the likelihood of ill-health on your holiday, it’s good to be prepared,” Ms Borg said.

“You can either call the free healthdirect helpline or use the self-guided symptom checker on the healthdirect app. You’ll go through a series of questions and receive advice on what medical help is recommended. In some instances, you may not need to see a GP or go to the emergency department and can manage the symptoms yourself.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.