Smarter shopping on essential consumables

It’s a fact: 1 in 4 Australians have some form of incontinence and need to use continence management products.

Despite its prevalence, the reality is no one plans for a future with incontinence and coming to terms with this condition can be challenging. Developing the right routine and learning to manage your needs, or the needs of another you care for, can often take time and feel frustrating. An important element of this is finding the right product solution, and with many factors to consider such as ongoing cost, comfort, convenience and product bulkiness this can prove overwhelming.

The Challenges of Buying Continence Management Products
The traditional route used by many is to head to the supermarket or local pharmacy, only to be faced with a personal care aisle full of products that vary greatly in style, size, features and degrees of absorbency. It can prove both difficult and confronting to stand in front of rows of products trying to figure out what will work best.

A Smarter Way
One Australian company believes there is a better way, meet ConfidenceClub, an innovative business with a genuine interest in the lives of people who have incontinence. Founded by a couple of successful online retailing veterans in collaboration with one of Australia’s leading experts in continence management products, they offer a focused range of quality products without the overwhelm of many other retailers.

“We really wanted to make life easier for those who live with incontinence, with the evolution of online shopping and the convenience of fast and discreet national delivery, we felt we could improve the experience while providing better products and savings. And if you are one of the roughly 50 percent of ConfidenceClub customers who are buying for someone else, we offer a great way to save you time that can be better spent on providing care.”

Saving Time and Money
By going direct to the consumer, ConfidenceClub can offer great performing products at significantly cheaper prices than other well-known brands. In a matter of minutes, orders can be placed online or over the phone and conveniently delivered straight to your door in discreet packaging.

Personalised customer service and specialist support
ConfidenceClub focus on providing a personalised service that’s why when you call you’ll never be put on hold and will deal with one of their compassionate and dedicated customer service staff who can help answer all your product questions. They also offer access to specialised Continence Nurses for complex cases and product assistance.

No Risk Purchase
The best part is there no risk to you, if you’re unsure of what to buy, because they offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your order.

If you’d like to experience the ConfidenceClub difference, then try them out today with a special introductory offer for new customers. And they’re sure you will never go back to the old way!

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