Transitioning into the next phase of retirement, there’s a crucial decision that must come first: to stay in your beloved home or start looking for other options.

Thankfully RESiLIFT has given people a good reason to stay after creating the perfect solution to steep stairs and ageing joints. Whether it be carrying the laundry, suitcases or awkward objects, moving safely between floors is now possible.

Architect, Jegi Jager, from CPS Project Management says “it just makes sense to incorporate a RESiLIFT into your house, whether you are renovating or designing a new home”.

“Australians have to move away from this idea of single-level dwellings” he explains. “Some people associate lifts with ageing, but in 2020 that is not the case. There are many reasons you might need to use a lift, irrespective of your age. All two-level homes in the future need to provide a safe and convenient way to travel between floors.”

“Land is expensive, but we need green space around our homes. It is important for our wellbeing to be able to get outside and enjoy some light and green, so the only solution is to go up.”

“This is the future. I would never build or plan a two-storey home without a lift,” he adds.

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RESiLIFT, manufactured by the proudly Australian-owned Residential Lift Company, is a specially designed residential lift that can be retrofitted into your existing homes or installed into new builds for an affordable price.

The company was founded by Peter and Rosemary van Emmerik in Tasmania and their product – a “through-floor” residential elevator – was invented by Peter in just 2003.

Jegi Jager adds that it is difficult to find genuinely Australian made and manufactured products, however RESiLIFT, from its inception, has been a labour of love for Peter and Rosemary.

“There are lots of lifts coming in from overseas, but their parts are really out of China,” says Jager. “It is good to use a genuine Australian product.”  More than ever people are realising the benefit of buying Australian made.

Mr Van Emmerik was in his second year of retirement, after more than 40 years as an Engineer, when he thought of a way for people to be able to stay in their home as they age.

Through Peter’s bold vision and innovative design, he was able to create a lift that was not only highly sought after, but incredibly affordable.

The inventor has been able to fit over 1,500 lifts into homes across Australia since 2004. And, since its inception, the lift’s design has evolved into what we know now as the most stylish and reliable residential lift on the market.

Together Peter and Rosemary are still actively involved in the business and have even gone on to involve their family members and have grown to 11 distributors nationally.

With three different lift sizes available – from the Mirage lift that has a smaller footprint than a standard shower, to the Miracle Max lift that comfortably fits a wheelchair – you’ll be amazed at how well the streamlined RESiLIFT blends into your home décor.  

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with RESiLIFT.