A young boy in the UK has drowned after falling into a canal as he fed ducks alongside his family.

An inquest heard three-year-old Dylan Milsom fell in the canal at Victoria Park in Newbury on March 13.

Milsom’s mother Shelley Nardini made a desperate attempt to try and find her young son, even jumping into the water to try and save him.

The assistant coroner ruled the death as accidental, with Ian Wade QC calling it “extraordinarily tragic”.

The little boy was visiting the park with his mum, grandmother and little brother.

The group reportedly moved closer to the cancel so the three-year-old’s bread could reach the animals they were feeding.

The BBC reported the child moved to the other side of the gate as his mum warned him to hold on so he did not fall into the water.

But after she turned around to get a bag of bread from the pushchair, she saw the child being swept away.

Dylan’s grandmother, Jackie Arrowsmith said in a court statement that the child had tripped, which caused him to fall into the water.

She said she tried to grab him but only caught the top of his hair.

The publication said Dylan’s mother then jumped in and saw her son get sucked underneath a weir.

This soon happened to her before she was able to grab onto a branch and was eventually pulled out.

Dylan’s body was discovered by local authorities, the assistant coroner said, while adding the tragic incident had been “nobody’s fault”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.