Top 5 health apps

More and more these days people want to take a greater role in the management of their own health and wellbeing. Access to information and the pace of medical advancement has stimulated our desire to become informed and involved health consumers. The advent of the smartphone has enabled another step in this revolution by giving us all the power to locate, record and access information on our health with more convenience than ever before.

The range of health apps available for smartphones has grown rapidly to meet the demand, but how do you find out which might be most useful to you? To give you a cross section of what is out there we have taken a look at five apps - each one focussing on a different aspect of health management.

Get on top of your medication management with MedAdviser
MedAdviser has been developed to help you manage your pharmaceuticals with maximum accuracy and minimum worry. It’s especially useful if you have multiple drug treatments with varying dosage and timing requirements that need to kept in check.
It allows you to record your medicines and allocates dosage and timing information for each, so that your smartphone can give you reminders of when to take them. It also helps you manage your stock of drugs by giving you instant information on what supplies you have on hand and what you are running low on using a colour coded traffic light system. This extends to recording whether prescriptions need to be renewed too.
It even has a facility that messages your pharmacist to fill a prescription automatically, so you can swing by and pick up without having to wait around at the chemist shop.
To ensure you take your medications safely and correctly, the app provides dosage information and even gives background on how the drug works in your system.
For more details, check out medadviser

Get the inside info on food ingredients with FoodSwitch
Health insurer, Bupa, and research house, The George Institute for Global Health, have teamed up to develop the FoodSwitch app. This app gives you the power to analyse and compare nutritional value of foods right in the supermarket aisle.
FoodSwitch uses your smartphone camera to scan the barcode on food packaging and give you an assessment of the nutritional aspects of each food. A ‘traffic light’ colour coded rating system allows ease of assessment and comparison functionality instantly provides information on healthier alternative products, so that you can make informed choices on the spot.

You can further refine the analysis by setting up filters within the app to screen specific dietary issues that are relevant to you, such as salt, energy, fat, sugar and gluten..
Take a closer look by clicking here and scrolling down the alphabetical list of projects to locate “FoodSwitch”.

Stay informed and equipped with The Better Health Channel app
The Better Health Channel app is a handy way to get access to a range of practical and educational information. On the educational front, it is a trusted digest of medical articles, providing the latest developments in health, medical conditions, treatments, healthy living and relationships. It even gives you healthy and nutritious recipes and the ability to create customised shopping lists.

To empower you to respond to specific situations, the app also has:

  • First aid procedures for a wide range of common injuries,
  • Contact info for after-hours doctors, dentists, pharmacists and physiotherapists
  • Urgent medical help and advice contacts, including Nurse On Call, Kids helpline, Poisons Information and Lifeline 
  • Personalised health alerts and notifications for heat, temperature, UV, smog and pollen.

    Get the lowdown right here Better Health Channel 

Save a life with the MediProfiles app
St Johns Ambulance has a proud tradition of giving ordinary people the skills to provide first response medical help at the point of injury or illness. Their MediProfiles app takes this principle a step further by allowing you to record critical medical and personal information for your family, your workmates and yourself on your smartphone for easy access.
The medical profiles of whoever you enter into the app are accessible with an easy to read display, so that first responders and medical professionals can be given potentially lifesaving information at the touch of a button. A handy email facility lets you share your profile with whomever you choose, so that a network of people can readily store and access to your information. Details stored on each person’s profile include:

  • Personal facts, such as name, birthdate and a photo
  • Medical characteristics, such as allergies, medications, medical conditions and action plans
  • Emergency contact information, such as next of kin and family doctor

    To learn more visit MediProfiles

Understand symptoms and medical conditions with the WebMD app
The WebMD app is an extension of the famous web based service, which provides a comprehensive reference for better understanding your own health. While there will never be any substitute for the medical professionals who treat you personally, this doesn’t mean you can’t be better informed about your medical symptoms and treatments. WebMD puts detailed medically reviewed information in the palm of your hand.
Check symptoms that are troubling you, learn about potential conditions or issues and gain insight into causes and treatments. It also gives you powerful search functionality to investigate drugs, supplements, and vitamins, with information on uses, side effects and warnings. Be equipped to act on emergencies too with reference information on anything from insect stings to broken bones.
To find out more visit webmd