Tourist Alex Tridico, 28, has survived a fall off a 35-metre cliff into the sea in the UK.Tridico fell off Old Harry Rocks in Dorset while he was out for a walk with some friends.

He told The Sun that he believes he survived by pushing away from the edge of the cliff as he fell.

“It’s just sheer luck I survived, everybody is stunned I’m not dead, I’ve only got minor injuries considering how far I fell,” he explained.

“I had about three or four seconds when I realised I was going to drop, I thought ‘right, well this is it I’m going to die’.

“It was terrifying, but I knew I had to push myself away from the cliff edge, otherwise I’d land in too shallow water.

“I’m incredibly lucky to still be alive.”

Tridico currently remains in hospital with a punctured lung and three fractured ribs.

He was luckily rescued by some kayakers who gave him first aid before he was whisked away by an ambulance.

Lifeboatman Ian Brown said that it was a miracle Alex survived the fall.

“The tide was in at the time and he landed in the water.

“It wouldn’t have been that deep, probably 4ft at most.

“He is incredibly lucky to have suffered relatively minor injuries.”

Photo credits: The Sun

This article originally appeared on Over60.