We all generally have a good idea on what to take when travelling overseas, but what if you’re exploring your own backyard? Road trips are a great way to see more of the country you live in but be sure to bring these items with you for a smoother trip!

1. Bags

Duffle bags are a dream come true when driving across the country. Not only are they less bulky than standard luggage, but you can squish them into any nook and cranny, making them a great option for when you’re planning overnight stays.

The lightweight option is a great necessity to take with you, as you can pack an extra pair of clothes, a toothbrush and any other essentials you may need while you’re away from home.

2. Clothing

This is one of those situations where comfort should always be given priority over style. Sitting in a car for hours isn’t the most pleasant of situations, so wearing clothes that are loose and breathable will keep you feeling fresher for longer.

Dark colours are a good idea as they help hide wrinkles, meaning when you stop over along the way, you won’t feel out of place and daggy.

3. Snacks

Is it really a road trip if you don’t have snacks on hand? Pre-packing your food for the journey is going to prove to be a lot cheaper than purchasing them from a service station. A few good things to take with you are frozen fruit and veggies, and mixed nuts to give you that extra burst of protein.

Mixing your snacks in a Ziplock bag is a genius and efficient way of making your own trail mix and be sure to keep the boot of your car stocked up with back-up options.

4. Games

While your phone always proves to be a nice distraction, it isn’t a device that can get everyone involved. Games such as Mad Lib and other non-electronic activities is a fun way to liven things up after a long day on the road.

5. Music

Music is crucial if you want to set the mood and is a nice way to clear your head as you journey to your destination. Make sure the tunes are upbeat, so everyone can remain alert, but then also have a playlist with mellow music, for the moments you need a breather.

6. Navigation

This is the most important item you need to keep, as without a good navigation system, you may end up somewhere with no way to get out. While every smartphone has the option of Google Maps, it’s a good idea to purchase a separate GPS device as phone apps require network coverage, which you may not always have, and always use up your data.

Be sure to test it out before you head off, just to see if everything is working properly.

Do you have any more road trip essentials to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.