A Sydney dentist has revealed the terrifying impact just one sugary beverage can have on teeth.

Dr Lewis Ehrlich shared confronting before and after images, with the dentist saying carbonated drinks leave teeth with “more holes than Swiss cheese”.

“You only get one set of adult teeth,” he said.

“If these drinks can dissolve the hardest part of your body it’s scary to think what they would be doing elsewhere.”

First, Dr Ehrlich shared a magnified photo of a healthy tooth with a “smooth” intact surface, after being exposed to still drinking water.

He explained that when sugary and acidic beverages are consumed, it can damage tooth enamel and leave holes.

He then shared an image of tooth enamel after drinking just one sweetened “sugar free Vodka cruiser”.

“There are more holes than Swiss cheese,” Dr Ehrlich said of the impact of this pH 3.2 beverage.

Finally, the dentist showed how tooth enamel is impacted after drinking a very acidic pH 2.2 Gin and Tonic.

“The enamel has seen better days after a late night,” he said.

Dr Ehrlich encouraged people to avoid “carbonated and sweetened drinks where possible” but gave some advice to those who couldn’t.

“If you’re going to have them, drink them through a (biodegradable) straw and chase them with a water,” he said.

“Wait at least 30 mins before brushing your teeth, and it’s not a bad idea to have some healthy food around to help stimulate saliva and protect those chompers.”

Article created in partnership with Over60