Flower power is back - this time with proven health benefits!

We know plants can help purify the air around us (and look great). However, did you know plants can also be good for your stress levels and health?

Flowers have long been associated with mental wellbeing and positivity, often without much consideration to the science behind it. However, experts are discovering more concrete evidence of the mental health benefits of having lots of plants around. It's easy!

Humans and plants: an innate bond
According to biologists, the need for a connection to other living organisms is a subconscious and ever present facet of human evolution and existence. It's natural!

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It is in our nature to enjoy the beauty, smell and colour of flowers

Is there a scientific link between 'plant life interaction' and wellbeing?
Researchers Park and Mattson did a study and assessed the therapeutic influences of eight species of flowers and plant life on 90 patients who had just undergone an appendectomy.

They established a definitive connection between the prolonged exposure to plant life and increased health outcomes. What did they discover?

“Patients in hospital rooms with plants and flowers had significantly fewer intakes of postoperative analgesics, more positive physiological responses evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and more positive feelings and higher satisfaction about their rooms when compared with patients in the control group."

Watch this incredible footage of exploding plants as they disperse their seeds

Researchers have also studied the perceived benefits of flowers and indoor plants on productivity and happiness in the workplace. Another study established a link between the number of plants in an office space and overall job performance. The research team found participants reported higher levels of mood, perceived office attractiveness, and (in some cases) even 'more comfort' when plants were around.

Similarly, a study measuring the psychological benefits of indoor plants in workplaces discovered that the increased exposure to indoor plants resulted in several fiscal and social benefits for employees and employers. They found that having more plants in view and more plants around meant lower stress, less sick leave, and even more productivity.

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Lavender smells great, has been proven to reduce symptoms of insomnia and help restfulness

5 easy tips to enjoy a flower filled life
If your life isn't already filled with green gardens and vibrant floral arrangements, here are simple ways to reap the benefits.

  1. Grow your own flowers outside instead of buying cut flowers. Having your own favourites on hand will maintain a steady flow of beaming bouquets year round.
  2. Plan ahead for the important role of indoor plants during colder seasons. Scatter indoor plants around the house for a pretty and positive way to enjoy plant life. If you’re not the most reliable with maintenance, start off with a low-care plant such as cactus.
  3. Spend an hour in your garden every day. Aim to set aside time each day to immerse yourself in the natural refuge of your garden. Easy ways to increase time in the garden? Set up a chair and table and enjoy your ‘coffee time’ surrounded by plants or invite friends around for a garden lunch.
  4. Meditate or exercise in your garden Avoid gym fees and enjoy your own garden as a meditative space. Remember gardening is also great exercise!
  5. Take nature walks and enjoy picnics in peaceful outdoor settings. 

Have you found having plants around has made your happier and healthier? Join the conversation below.