It’s no secret that Aussies can encounter all seasons of weather in just one day.

It is very common for a sunny day to quickly develop into stormy weathers within hours.

But besides from keeping us locked indoors or drenching our clothes, it turns out there is another consequence of rainy weather – making us overeat.

Speaking to, nutritionist Susie Burrell explains how rain is adding to our waistlines.

1. We link the rain to feeling cold

“Human beings like to eat when it is cold — physiologically eating helps to warm us up via the slight increase in metabolic rate that occurs when we eat and we have been programmed to seek out warming, hearty meals when the temperature drops,” Susie explains.

However, when summer showers hit, our brains continue to connect the wetness with cold temperatures, even if it is still hot.

“While temperatures are not that low, our brains are still telling us that rain means cold and discomfort, acting as a trigger to seek out something warm and comforting to eat,” she said.

2. We are inside more

Because wet weather traps us indoors, it significantly increases our accessibility to sugary snacks hiding in the kitchen. Susie explains that the most significant predictor of discretionary or junk food intake is accessibility.

In order to avoid the sugar cravings, it is important to keep busy and stick to your normal meal times. Many people also tend to watch more TV when there is bad weather, making it more inviting to consume tempting snacks.

When people are bored, food becomes an easy way to occupy us. Susie explains: “When we are staying indoors more, over a number of days, especially during school holidays, cooking, baking and eating are among the easiest, most satisfying ways to occupy us, multiple times each day.” 

To overcome this urge, Susie recommends using rainy days to catch up on all the jobs that are sitting on your to-do list to keep your mind occupied.

4. We use the rain as an excuse

Because rainy weather has the tendency to make days a lot more gloomier, it can also be easy to reach for something unhealthy to perk yourself up.  

“One of the easiest ways we can feel better instantly is to eat something yummy — a slice of cake with a coffee; a yummy dessert or chocolate bar with our afternoon snack just to pep us up a little. If this kind of eating is just occasional, it is not an issue, but when you have weeks of rain it can become a problem,” says Susie. 

To avoid snacking on something you will regret, opt for a herbal tea or low-calorie hot chocolate to give you an energy boost.

Are you guilty of any of these habits when it’s raining? Let us know in the comments below. 

Article created in partnership with Over60.