A woman has learnt a strange and horrifying lesson after she was bitten on the bottom by a python when she sat on the toilet.

Boonsong Plaikaew, 54, was about to finish her business while on the loo at her house in Samut Prakan, in central Thailand, when she felt a searing pain shoot across her bottom on October 19.

A worrying amount of blood began to run down her legs and pants before she saw the snake bite her again, this time on the finger.

She pulled the two-metre-long python off her finger and ran out of the toilet begging for help.

Animal rescuers and paramedics arrived at roughly the same time.

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They gave Mrs. Plaikaew first-aid treatment after checking on her wounds before rushing her to the hospital.

Speaking at the hospital, the shocked woman said she had just finished urinating when the python struck.

“I did not see the snake hiding inside the bowl, so I was just doing my stuff when I was attacked,” she said.

The woman was allowed to go home after having a health check-up.

Thankfully the snake was not venomous.

Rescuers were able to capture the python who was found slithering on the bathroom floor.

They placed the animal in a sack and took it with them to be released in the wild at a later time.

“From now on, I'll check the toilet every time before I sit down,” Boonsong added.

 This article originally appeared on Over60.