Our WYZA® Wise Up! research reveals how passionate people 50+ are about their health. Here are the highlights.

People 50+ are unstopabble! You are passionate about living healthy lives with 41% passionate about their fitness, 54% about a healty diet, and 59% about both fitness and diet.

With this passion, however, comes concern. Health is the number one concern for people 50+. 

Health issues people 50+ want to know more about 

Men and women seek different health information: 

  • 28% of men want more information on hearing issues, compared to 20% of women
  • 25% of men want to know more about diabetes, vs. 19% for women.
  • 29% of women want to know more about Alzheimers disease, compared to 24% of men. The same statistics apply for euthanasia.
  • More information on allergies is sought by 18% of females, and 11% of men.

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The male health disconnect 
Interestingly, while men are just as concerned as women about health (49% vs. 51%), they are generally less likely to seek information on topics that affect them. The male health disconnect is biggest when it comes to information on weight management, tiredness and vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Health options
People 50+ are open to both traditional and natural health options, with women a little more open to the natural methods than men are.

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