Irish woman Jade Parker was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had just one wish for the new year: Marry her partner Lee with their children by their side.

The pair rang in the new year and were married on December 31st, much to the delight of her family.

However, just two days later on January 2nd, Jade passed away with her new husband holding her hand.

“Our hearts are broken but at peace knowing Jade is no longer suffering,” Lee said on Facebook. He also thanked the public for their support “during this horrific time”.

The pair had been together for seven years and had three children when they were given the news of Jade’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

She began suffering from intense headaches that became worse in 2019 and despite seeking medical help, the cancer was found too late.

Doctors found a “particularly aggressive” form of cancer in the mother’s nasal passage, but cancer quickly spread to the back of her head and into her spinal cord.

After being told she had just months to live, Jade began planning her funeral and her wedding at the same time.

Lee told Portadown Times in December: “Her final wish is to get married and it is going to be a fantastic day although she would have to manage her pain on the day.”

Jade and Lee had thanked supporters before her death, with Lee writing on Facebook: “After putting the boys to bed and sitting down to reflect on this year, can only describe as a horrible situation we find our wee family in but we can’t help to be completely overwhelmed and blown away by people’s generosity, their compassion and countless offers of support.

“Jade and I find it hard to put into words how much we appreciate it all and can never thank everyone enough for all that has been offered since last week.”

Jade is survived by her husband Lee, her stepson Kai, 13, and children Ben, six and James, two.

A small funeral will be held in Ireland, where the family live, on Friday, keeping with coronavirus restrictions.

This article originally appeared on Over60.