Have you got a box of cornflour in the pantry but maybe you’re not quite aware of its hidden talents?

Cornflour is a great natural product with many uses around the house. 

  1. Clean your windows with cornflour as it is a fine, natural abrasive. Simply add a tablespoon of cornflour to your window cleaner for a streak-free clean.
  2. Polish your silver by making a wet paste of cornflour and water. 
  3. Clean grease from carpets and rugs by sprinkling cornflour over the stain and leaving for 20 minutes. The cornflour will absorb the grease and clean the carpet at the same time. Simply vacuum away to remove the cornflour. 
  4. Ease the pain of sunburn or mosquito bites by mixing water and cornflour. Make a runny paste to rub over the affected area.
  5. Deodorise smelly sneakers by sprinkling cornflour inside and leaving overnight. The cornflour will absorb the odours. Simply shake out the excess the next day before wearing. 
  6. Make your own scented talc by mixing one cup of cornflour with three drops of your favourite essential oil. Shake to combine and then it’s ready to use. 
  7. If you are a runner and suffer from chafing between your thighs, dust yourself with cornflour before getting dressed.
  8. Remove the musty smell of old books by sprinkling them with cornflour.  
  9. Use cornflour as a own dry shampoo by sprinkling it along the crown of your hair and any greasy parts of your scalp. Rub it in with your fingers before brushing it out.
  10. Stop the noise of squeaky floorboards by sprinkling them with cornflour and sweeping it all over. The cornflour gets into any gaps and will help reduce the squeaky sound. 

Article created in partnership with Over60.