A young girl who allegedly was forced to jump on a trampoline as punishment in sweltering heat has died of dehydration. 

Daniel and Ashley Schwarz – aged 44 and 34 – have been charged over the death of eight-year-old Jaylin in Odessa, Texas, CBS7 has reported.

Jaylin was pronounced dead at a home on August 29, after police were called.

Investigators found the young girl had allegedly been punished by the couple. 

“[The] investigation revealed that the 8-year-old child had been punished and was not allowed to eat breakfast and was required to jump on the trampoline without stopping for an extended period of time,” the Odessa Police Department said in a statement

“Further investigation revealed that the 8-year-old child was not allowed to drink any water because she was not jumping.”

They reportedly forced her to jump on a trampoline nonstop.

Police said the eight-year-old was also not allowed to drink any water.

The temperature of the trampoline reached about 43 degrees, while the ground was 65 degrees.

An autopsy ruled Jaylin’s death a murder and said the cause of death was dehydration.

The Schwarzs have been arrested and charged following the autopsy results.

Family members said the pair were not her parents, but her “guardians”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.

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