A 5-year-old Sydney boy is presumably in hot water after ordering $1200 worth of ice cream on his dad’s credit card while playing on his phone.

Gelato Messina posted about the massive order on their Instagram on Tuesday, and according to their posts, the child was using their dad’s phone to play games, and somehow found himself on the Uber Eats app. Naturally, his next step was to order $1200 worth of gelato and other products from Gelato Messina.

His dad didn’t realise anything was amiss until he received a call from the Uber Eats delivery driver, who was outside his workplace (a fire station in Newtown) with the massive haul, which included seven ice cream cakes, jars of dulce de leche, Messina brand candles, and five bottles of Messina Jersey milk.

In addition to photos of the order, Messina also posted a text exchange where someone was sharing the story, writing, “So [blank] called me and told me her mate has a five year old kid. And the little dude was playing with the dads phone. And ended up ordering $1200 of messina to the dads workplace.”

The recipient replies, “hahah holy f*** on uber eats? Did the order actually go through?” to which the answers were yes and yes. He continued, “They didn’t know until the drive called him trying to drop it off. So the dad had to go to his work in Newtown to pick it up.”

The photo of the haul is quite something – bags of milk, ice cream containers, at least a dozen jars of dulce de leche, and several boxes of Messina cakes.

Hopefully the man’s colleagues, hardworking firefighters, all enjoy a sweet treat after a long shift. Otherwise, everyone’s getting dulce de leche in their Christmas stockings!

Image: Sally Anscombe

This article first appeared on Over60.