A dog groomer’s morbid blunder has left one client reeling in an awkward autocorrect fail.

Sharing a screenshot of the text exchange on Reddit, another employee at the grooming salon called the messages “a startingly matter of fact message from the groomer”.

After the owner dropped their dog – a beagle named Dexter – off at the salon, the groomer alerted the owner that the appointment was over with the message: “Dexter is dead.”

Realising their mistake, the groomer clarified what they meant a minute later, “Hi Dexter is ready now!! Sorry stupid auto correct.”

The groomer also shared a photo of the dog to prove he was very much alive and freshly-sheared.

“He’s had a great time,” they confirmed.

Though the owner’s response was not included in the screenshot, Reddit users were quick to reply with their own interpretations of the odd situation.

“Your dog is dead….. Tired after the wonderful day he’s had!” one user wrote.

“I’m in stitches. Something about the blunt message, and the picture proving that the dog is not in fact dead has set me off. Brilliant,” another commented.

“Just needed [the dog groomer] to hold up today’s paper in the shot,” a third added.

Image: Reddit

This article originally appeared on Over60.