Aussie bargain hunter and Youtuber Frugal Aussie has shared a trick that’ll help you score some quick cash if you’re shopping at ALDI.

She posted a video about how she collected $5 in just 15 minutes.

Natalie, who runs Frugal Aussie, said that the trick is to look for ALDI trolleys around the supermarket car park that haven’t been returned to the trolley area.As ALDI trolleys require a gold coin or ALDI token to use, it means you can check and see if anything has been left behind.

“Fifteen minutes work, I had $5 in my hand,” Natalie said in the video.

“When I heard about this hack from the UK I was sceptical but I tried ALDI which was great.

“I found trolleys with a baby cot in them the best and trolleys a long way from the store.

“I guess people just can’t be bothered returning their trolley.”

Natalie said it’s a great way for people to make extra cash, as some people can find $20 a day.

“Apparently people use this as a cash side hustle and some pensioners made about $20 a day to supplement their income,” she said in the video.

“Some days you make a bit, some days you don’t.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.