It’s an event that shoppers look forward to each year, as they rush to their nearest ALDI for the annual Snow Gear Special Buys sale.

The highly anticipated sale has people “working in teams” as they attempt to score a bargain.

But unfortunately, the German retailer has had to cancel the snow sale for 2020, forcing shoppers to put that excitement on hold till 2021.

Once a year, the supermarket releases items such as jackets, goggles, boots and thermal wear, helping Aussies stay warm as they hit the slopes.

But with the coronavirus pandemic stopping people from travelling, the retailer found that it was inappropriate to continue with the sale.

Taking to Facebook, ALDI revealed they are shifting their priorities to the grocery sector, forcing them to make the difficult decision of withdrawing its 2020 Snow Gear Special Buys event.

“We’ll be back with our best-ever collection next year,” the post read.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our best-ever collection with you in 2021. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

The post garnered over 1000 comments and shares, but people were torn over the decision.

Majority of comments came from those who live in colder areas, saying they rely on the sale to stock up on winter clothing.

“Pity about the people who live in the colder areas. I was waiting for this to stock up on clothes to work in the paddocks etc. Typical that they only think people who will go on holidays buy this stuff,” one person commented.

“Considering not everyone travels to snowy regions; there are thousands of people who actually live in these areas,” added another.

“Winter is still coming – would be great if they still brought out the thermals, boots, gloves, & beanies.”

In normal circumstances, the sale occurs each year in May and attracts thousands of shoppers around the country as they hope to snap up a cool saving on snow gear.

This article originally appeared on Over60.