An Australian nurse has woken up to a lovely surprise on her doorstep this week.

Supermarket shelves have been left empty of essential products due to panic buying at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic and Michelle, who works at Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide shared a sweet image of toilet paper, tissues, pasta, rice and flour which she says she received from a “little angel”.

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“While I was sleeping before my night duty this week a little Angel left this in a bag on my Porch. It felt like Christmas,” she wrote.

The heartwarming post recurved kind comments from strangers praising Michelle and other hospital workers on the front line like her.

“What a treasure chest,” one person wrote.

“That's a billion $ shopping bag right there. Jackpot,” another comment said.

Michelle shared another post a few weeks ago to her public Facebook page where she urged people to stay home amid the health crisis that has already taken the lives of 24 people in Australia. 

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“As I finish up my shift tonight I have totalled 60hrs at work in the last 6 days,” she wrote alongside an image of her with a sigh that read: “I stayed at work for you. You stay home for us.”

“We need to do all we can to stop the spread of this disease,” she added.

The post was shared over 700 times.

Photo: Facebook

This article originally appeared on Over60.