A Brisbane mother is in mourning after the sudden death of her baby girl following a devastating accident.

The mother is believed to have tripped with her child in her arms in an attempt to avoid getting swooped by a magpie.

Emergency services were called to the Holland Park West area in Brisbane around 12pm on Sunday to help the pair.

“The Queensland Ambulance Service medical director and critical care paramedics responded and transported the infant to Queensland Children’s Hospital in a critical condition,” a spokesperson for Queensland Ambulance said.

Despite the best efforts of healthcare workers, the infant later died in hospital.

Holland Park West residents spoke with 9News said they had complained several times to the council about the bird, and that it was a persistent, aggressive swooper.

“This magpie swoops everyone every time,” one man said, adding the bird would frequently attack kids and adults.

Since the tragic accident on Sunday, council workers have installed extra signage and caution tape at Glindemann Park.

It’s not the first Australian death as a result of a magpie swoop.

In 2019, a 76-year-old man in Wollongong was startled by a swooping magpie while riding his bike.

The man swerved to avoid the aggressive bird and crashed into a fence, suffering fatal head injuries.

Magpie swooping season occurs each year across the country in September and October, and often swoop to protect their young from perceived threats.

This article originally appeared on Over60.