Steve wouldn’t be happy to hear about this.

Bindi Irwin, the late Steve’s daughter, is making some unsettling allegations against her grandfather, Bob Irwin.

Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-one posted a tribute to her late father, Chandler Powell and her father-in-law, and Irwin was asked why she left Bob out of the tribute. The 22-year-old did not hold back with her response.

“Unfortunately my grandfather Bob has shown no interest in spending time with me or my family,” she wrote, according to 7News.

Irwin goes on to claim that Bob has even gone so far as to return gifts she’s sent him over the years — after opening them.

“He has returned gifts I’ve sent him after he opened them, he has ignored my correspondence and from the time I was a little girl he has ignored me, preferring to spend time doing anything else rather than being with me,” Bindi wrote.

“He has never said a single kind word to me personally. It breaks my heart but it is not healthy to engage in an abusive relationship.”

“I hope everyone remembers to be kind to one another but most of all care for your own mental health,” she added.
“I have struggled with this relationship my entire life and it brings me enormous pain.”

Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford, told Sunrise that he spoke to Bob’s wife Judy over the weekend who was unaware of Irwin’s comments.

“They were pretty shellshocked by it and when I rang and read to his wife Judy the details, they’re not on social media, so they were not aware of what was going on at all, I think they were pretty shocked and devastated, Ford shared. That’s just the feeling I got. They didn’t say that to me and they did not come back and offer any kind of reply or response.”

According to Irwin, her mum Terri Irwin, continues to write letters and send gifts to Bob – only to be ignored as well.

Irwin also alleged that the family has been financially supporting Bob since 1992 and is still sending him weekly payments. She maintains she still wants to make sure he is taken care of.

“We built him a house on a beautiful property and will always do our best to ensure his wellbeing.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.