A bride-to-be has shared her mother-in-law’s gown on social media, saying that she was “a little hurt” when she first laid eyes on the ivory and lace-covered design.

The woman, whose location is unknown, took to a Facebook wedding shaming group about the dress, asking others whether they would be upset if they were faced with the same issue.

“My future mother-in-law sent me this picture of the dress she is considering wearing to our wedding,” she said.

“I’m not okay with it and honestly felt a little hurt when I saw the picture. Ideas?”

The question sparked a debate with some defending the choice of dress, saying it looks nothing like a wedding dress.

Wedding Dress

“As far as mother-in-laws go, this could be so much worse. It’s a pretty dress and not going to be mistaken for bridal,” said one woman.

“It’s ugly but aside from that what is the issue? It’s not white, it’s cream,” said another.

A third added: “I mean it’s not cute but it’s not bridal either”.

But others showed sympathy, saying they understood why she was upset.

“This is a 9th grade semi formal dance dress and totally disrespectful,” said one lady.

“Why are we all pretending this isn’t a classic monster in law move,” said another.

Many agreed that the poster needs to speak to her future mother-in-law about the white-looking dress, especially if it was going to upset her on the day.

This article originally appeared on Over60.