Australian shoppers are seriously missing out after discovering an “incredible” feature offered in ALDI stores overseas.

The German-owned supermarket giant has put other Aussie supermarkets to shame with a contraption that appears to bake bread for you right then and there.

The machine was featured in a TikTok by a German woman who showed off how to use the machine.


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“So apparently they have this machine where you just press the button and it bakes the bread for you right then and there,” she told viewers.

“But remember, if you press the button you have to buy the bread.”

Fans were thrilled by the device.

“Omg! This is the most amazing thing ever,” one person wrote.

“Germany has always been on another level,” another said, while someone else argued: “European countries are so far ahead technologically.”

“Wow! How incredible to get freshly baked bread like that,” a third wrote.

Some were suspicious about how the machine baked bread that quickly.

“For sure they don’t bake it for you when you press the button,” one person said.

ALDI has confirmed that there are no plans to introduce a machine in Australia any time soon.

This article originally appeared on Over60.