The songwriter behind the Bunnings ad jingles has been uncovered, saying he always “knew” he’d be tracked down.

ABC advertising show Gruen revealed they’d found composer Trevor Hilton on Wednesday, 25 years after he wrote the iconic jingle for the hardware store.

“Yes, I wrote that jingle,” Mr Hilton said, telling the program he still collects royalties from the gig.

“This week, we went on an interstate odyssey to track down the composer of the Bunnings theme,” host Wil Anderson said. “Twenty five years later, he still secretly wanders around his local WA store whistling the tune. The first thing he said when we finally reached him? ‘I knew this day would come’.”Screen -shot -2020-10-30-at -114908-am

Mr Hilton said he wrote the song on a sunny afternoon back in 1995.

“For me it was just another day at the office, jingling away on this very keyboard, with this very floppy disk,” he said.

Mr Hilton now resides in Busselton, in the south west of Western Australia. Anderson joked the composer had previously been one of the only Bunnings staff members to not appear on camera.

The unmasking led to a flurry of excited responses, with people calling Mr Hilton a “legend” and a “hero”.

“Where is the Order of Australia for services to industry AND THE ARTS for this dude,” former triple j host and broadcaster Adam Spencer wrote.

“The Man. The Myth. The Legend,” another man wrote on Twitter.

“This man is a hero,” another said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.