A desperate search has entered its fifth day as police and volunteers continue looking for an elderly man missing in Victoria’s freezing weather.

Christo was last seen at the Big Muster Drive, Dinner Plain, north east of Melbourne about 2.45pm on Friday.

His wife raised the alarm later that day when the 70-year-old did not return which sparked a massive 120 people search including police, volunteers in High Country near Mount Hotham.

Police have been driving around with infrared sensors in hopes of detecting body heat from Christo.

Mouth Hotham has seen temperatures dip to a cool -3C and with wind gusts of up to 70km/h but real temperature feels have made it feel like -12C.

Senior Constable Joel Magno-Thornton said there is a “high chance” that Christo is still alive but the area he is believed to be missing is extremely dangerous.

“The terrain out here is treacherous,” he said.

On Monday, the devastated family issued a statement describing Christo as a “kind and loving person”.

“We are devastated knowing that our dad Christo is still missing in Mount Hotham’s high country,” the statement read.

“He is a grandfather to four beautiful granddaughters and we know he would love to see them again.

“He is adored by his children, wife, family and friends and everyone else who knows him.

“We are all praying that his strong and resilient nature will find his way back to us.”

Images: Victoria Police/Nine News

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