A Florida teacher and her student have gone viral across the globe after an innocent school experiment revealed her engagement ring isn’t real.

A group of high school students used a diamond tester and went from class to class testing their teacher's rings.

In the video that was shared to popular teen app TikTok, the students are seen approaching a teacher wearing an engagement ring with a large rock.

The clip heard the woman saying she had proudly worn the ring for 20 years since her husband proposed.

“I can test it to see if it's real?” a student asks the teacher.

She tells him to “come on in” and places her hand on the table.

The student commented about how large the diamond is, to which the teacher responded, “It's going to be big, we've been married over 20 years.”

However the diamond tester went on to beep, indicating the rock is not a diamond at all.

“You say you've been married 20 years? Not going to lie I don't think it's real,” the student tells her.

The clearly agitated teacher demands the student test it again, saying: “Do it again. This thing is real. So what you telling me?”

Once again, the diamond tester beeps to indicate the rock is fake.

The footage then cut to the teacher calling her husband and taking the ring off.

“You knew it wasn't real?” she can be heard saying over the phone.  

“And you still gave it to me after 20 years? So this is what I'm going to get?

“Okay, you know what, you thought it was going to be me and you tonight, guess what? It ain't. It's not going to be.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.