WARNING: Graphic

A Gold Coast woman has claimed her dog was “severely injured” at Bunnings, after its paw got stuck in an escalator.

Lisa Sinclair took to Facebook to share the confronting photos of her dog Chelsea’s bloody paw, which she says occurred at the Burleigh Waters store.

“She was on her lead and we were on the escalator. As I stepped off I heard screaming, turned around and her paws got stuck,” Ms Sinclair wrote.

Because of the accident, Ms Sinclair revealed that her pet had to undergo a partial amputation.

“She was rushed to surgery and has extensive damage to both legs and one of her middle balanced toes has been amputated and similar damage to another foot,” she wrote.

Ms Sinclair continued to say that she asked Bunnings for compensation over the vet fees but “the store tells me they are not responsible”.

In a statement, Bunnings’ Acting Area Manager Dean Nantes told the company “were sorry to hear that an incident involving a customer’s dog happened at our Burleigh Water’s store over the weekend”.

“We have been liaising directly with this customer to offer support and are working towards a resolution,” he said.

Dogs are welcome in all Bunnings stores provided they are secured safely in a vehicle or trolley, on a lead or wearing a muzzle and carried.

This article originally appeared on Over60.