Dolly Parton has set the record straight on the long winding rumour about her body being covered in tattoos.

It’s said the country music star wears long sleeves to cover up the ink running up and down her arms.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Speaking to People magazine, the 74-year-old said, “I do have some tattoos, that's true. But they're tasteful. I'm not a tattoo girl.”

She goes on to explain that she was unwell for a period of time and required a feeding tube which left a scar on her side. 

She didn’t want to be constantly reminded of her health issues, so she decided to get tattoos over it.

“My tattoos are pretty, they're artful and they usually started out to cover some scar, not to make a big statement,” she revealed. “Ribbons and bows and butterflies are the things that I have. I was very sick for a while and I had to wear a feeding tube. It left a little indention in my side and I didn't like it because I'm so fair that scars turn purple on me.

“I had a little beehive tattooed over it — a little yellow-and-brown beehive with a tiny little bee on top of the hive. The mouth of it is that little sinkhole.”

But Parton joked that she never says never, and there's still time to live up to the tattoo hype.

“Who knows, I may get some more later. I may just have to get covered with tattoos just so everybody could be right!” she said. 

This article originally appeared on Over60.