Edwina Bartholomew burst into tears on Tuesday’s episode of Sunrise.

The TV presenter couldn’t help but lose her cool after sharing a heart wrenching story about a little girl’s gruelling battle with cancer.

Edwina had the poor unity to meet with the parents of two-year-old Grace Bridges, after the toddler was diagnosed with rare cancer Metastatic Hepatoblastoma in 2019.

Emma has spent 102 days in hospital and is now on the road to recovery after 70 rounds of chemotherapy.

“We got told that if she survived 24 hours then it would be a miracle, and here we are 13 months later and she’s still going,” her father Adam revealed.

“For reasons that we can’t explain and doctors have only told us what they believe is going on, Grace’s markers for her tumour have decreased on her own, so they believe because her immune system is now repairing itself.”

“Her body is actually beating the cancer on its own!”

Edwina couldn’t help but become emotional when the story finished airing and the camera cut back to the TV host.

“That makes me so sad, this story,” she said through tears.

“Grace is not totally out of the woods, she will have ongoing blood tests until she’s six years old to see if the cancer returns,” she went on to say.

“Because of the chemo, 70 doses of chemo, she has so many problems with hearing and brittle bones.

“Sorry, it’s so silly but when you become a parent these stories just….” Edwina said.

The mother-of-one encouraged viewers to donate to the family, saying: “Anyway, there’s a GoFundMe that’s been set up, so if you can help then the details are on the Sunrise website.

“They’re just a lovely, lovely family who have been through so much.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.