Oscar the two-year-old Burmese has eight of his nine lives left after surviving a hot 12-minute cycle in the washing machine after his owner didn't check if he was in there.

Oscar's owner, Amanda Meredith, heard a strange meowing sound coming from the washing machine after her husband put the bedsheets in the washing machine.

She thought it was coming from the cupboard and hung out another load of washing before realising Oscar was in the machine.

“The poor little cat had his hands on the glass as he was doing the rotations and he was looking at me,” she said.

“It was tragic.”

It took two minutes for the machine to drain and turn off before the machine door could be opened and Oscar could be free.

Meredith phoned her vet immediately who warned her that the first six hours would be “touch and go”.

Dan Capps from Beachside Veterinary Surgery said that Oscar emerged from the machine battered and bruised from the hard fins in the machine but was alive.

Oscar was given anti-inflammatories and stayed in the practice for 24 hours before being allowed to go home.

“He's a very lucky but strong little fellow,” Dr Capps said.

“This is not the first time this has happened.

“During the cooler weather it is the perfect place for feline friends to try and hide for a warm nap.”

Upon returning, Meredith said that Oscar slept solidly for the next seven days.

After a weeks' recovery, Oscar is fine.

“There was no damage,” Meredith said.

She estimated that Oscar had used up “three of his nine lives”.

She's able to laugh about the incident three weeks later but said that the initial time was “traumatic”.

“Waiting the two minutes [for the washing machine's door to release] was traumatic to say the least,” she said.

As for Oscar's interest in the washing machine? The ordeal has not turned him off.

“He sits there and watches it tumble-turn all the time,” Meredith said.

“Maybe he has PTSD or something — he has to sit at the door watching the wash cycle.”

Photo credits: ABC

This article originally appeared on Over60.